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Fall Webinars

Orenco is continuing to host their fall webinar series. Each course is free and can be taken from the comfort of your own home. More information and registration can be found online.


Life-Cycle Costing
Thursday, December 8th, 9-11am Pacific Time
Compare capital and operational costs for Orenco Sewer, grinder sewer, and gravity sewer, including a demo of the WERF wastewater-planning tool.

Controls and Monitoring
Wednesday, December 7th, 9-10am Pacific Time
Discover the various control panel options available, their features, and suggested water and wastewater applications.

NEW! AdvanTex System Troubleshooting
Tuesday, December 20th, 11am-noon Pacific Time
Learn how to troubleshoot the performance of an AdvanTex system in order to maximize treatment quality. Topics include optimum nitrogen reduction, adjusting recirculation ratios, and more.

Greywater Treatment Systems
Wednesday, December 21st, 9-10am Pacific Time
Learn how greywater can be treated to levels that allow it to be reused for toilet flushing, cooling towers, water features, and landscape irrigation.

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