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Onsite Wastewater Practitioner

Installer Certification Training

The curriculum for Manitoba Installers is currently undergoing development and no training is offered in the Provence at this time.

Those wishing to become Certified Practitioners in Manitoba may participate in the Onsite Wastewater Practitioner Training Program offered through either the Alberta Onsite Wastewater Management Association or the Saskatchewan Onsite Wastewater Management Association.

These chapters of the Western Canada Onsite Wastewater Management Association offer excellent industry training that is recognized and accepted by Manitoba Environment, Climate and Parks. These training programs are recognized across Western Canada under the New West Partnership Agreement (formerly TILMA) and federally through the Agreement on Internal Trade.

For more information on training opportunities, contact the MOWMA office.

Training Documentation

Training Registration

The next available training session dates are available to view on the provincial pages.

Training fees must be received in our office prior to the course date.
For questions contact our office:

1 204 771 0455
1 855 872 2659

Field Training / Workshops

Site & Soils Evaluation Field Days

Inspection for Real Estate

Installation Field Day Workshop

Operation & Maintenance Levels I & II


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Site & Soils Evaluation Field Days

Site and Soils Evaluation Field Days will be held for those interested in learning more about performing detailed site visits and designing systems for difficult situations and soils.  This training workshop will provide information on assessing soil structure and texture, assessing site conditions and constraints, logging information and applying that knowledge to the design of onsite systems.

This practical training day is a great opportunity to get hands-on experience evaluating a site, as well as, practicing hand texturing and sampling. Installers who have recently completed the Onsite Wastewater Practitioner Training Program will be able to take their new knowledge and apply it on-site. Experienced designers and installers should also consider this opportunity to continue their education.

Dates to be Announced 

Inspection For Real Estate

More and more, properties are requiring an inspection of the onsite wastewater system prior to title transfer. Learn more about performing inspections for real estate as well as how to develop the paperwork and reporting.

Upon receipt of your completed registration form, you will be sent the information on the location of the training site along with any other information required.

Dates to be Announced


Installation Field Days provide new and experienced installers with the opportunity to learn new techniques and installation practices.  Field days may be offered for systems such as subsurface trench systems either gravity or pressure distribution, LFH At-Grades, or even something as simple as an open discharge (surface discharge or jet) depending on the site and soils available and the regulatory framework.

Dates to be Announced 

Operation & Maintenance Levels I & II

The AOWMA has contracted with the National Association of Wastewater Technicians to provide a four-day training program for Operation and Maintenance. The training is split into two parts: Part One covers business aspects of O and M and the operation and maintenance required for conventional systems including trenches, beds, mounds and at-grades with some aerobic tank discussion. Part Two concentrates more specifically on Aerobic Tanks, drip irrigation, single pass, and re-circulating media filters. Both parts are conducted over a two-day period, with a hands on session in the fieldand an exam administered at the conclusion.

Those wishing to expand their scope of work into maintenance provision may achieve formal Certification through this program.

NAWT is a member of the Consortium of Institutes for Decentralized Wastewater Treatment (CIDWT). The CIDWT has been instrumental with the assistance of funding from the USEPA to prepare standard educational materials that can be used nationwide. They developed both a University and Practitioner curriculum and then followed this with a comprehensive manual and set of training materials on Operation and Maintenance. They have also conducted train the trainer sessions on the development of training courses and the use of the materials. NAWT participated at all stages of development of these materials.

NAWT will record and have available on their web site a record of those contractors and pumpers that have passed the Certificate of Completion exams by state/province with their contact information.

Those who complete this training program will be listed on the AOWMA Locate-a-Pro service as Maintenance Providers.

Dates to be Announced


Training is currently available through WCOWMA-BC.

Virtual Classroom
September 26, 27, 30 and October 1, 2024