Unusually High Usage of Septic Systems is Cause for a Maintenance Assessment

The past few months of working from home, home schooling children, self-isolation and self-quarantine have put unusual strain on septic systems all across Western Canada.  Pumpers have been reporting more frequent emergency calls and contractors are reporting more demand for repair and maintenance.

Many systems, particularly older ones, were not designed to manage the current demand caused by families being home more and using all their water infrastructure throughout the day rather than the morning and evening surge typical of working families.

This is a good time for Maintenance Providers to reach out to their homeowners with a reminder to have their system assessed for functionality.  Pumpers could also take the opportunity to remind homeowners that more use of the home infrastructure means a more frequent pumping schedule.

Installers who have homeowners in their client list who are not currently on a maintenance plan could reach out to their client list and encourage those homeowners to be proactive rather than reactive and have their system maintained before an emergency occurs.

The Association has put together a flyer for those members wanting to reach out to their customer lists with a reminder about maintenance.  The flyer also informs homeowners about resources available on the Association websites and notifies them about webinars available to them on proper operation and maintenance. These webinars will be hosted by the Association and other stakeholders during Septic Awareness week, September 14 – 18. If you\’d like to add your own company logo to the flyer, you can download this flyer and insert your image along the bottom banner.

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